How To Get Out Of The Gmail Promotion and Spam Box

How to always land in the inbox and avoid the Gmail promo tab

HERO NATION! What is up!

Becker here….and the topic of this post is simple. In fact applying everything taught here will probably only take you a couple of minutes.

BUT…Those minutes could increase your business instantly by as much as 30%. Why? Inboxing…Go look at your G-Mail promotion tab. In it you will see hundreds of mailers who emails will never be read because NO ONE checks their promo tab. Because of this, hitting this tab as a mail heavy business will cut your open rates in literal halves.

This quick video will show you how to always hit the inbox (and even break a few rules with Market Hero)

Pretty good stuff right!? Now…If you got a question ask it below and I’ll be all over it. Then go pick up a free trial of Market Hero…because…well…It’s the only option on planet earth if you want to inbox with the words FREE or MONEY in your subject line =D…

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Inside the Alex Becker academy, he goes over how he's getting over 80% email opt-in rates and I have managed to do the same by copying exactly what he taught there. If you haven't checked it out this is my version of it:

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I am just on the mass emailing. your inbox explanation perfectly complements. I think we have a connection.

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Alex, on step two, what was the actual method to check to see if your email address was blacklisted? You started to explain it but never told us where to go to check. Thanks,

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