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Import Your Entire Sales History, Customers, and Product Like..NOW
With a few clicks you can import all your customers emails and products into Market Hero. Market Hero will then download their entire sales history, calculate their total $$ value and then segment your customer list AUTOMATICALLY
Deep As The Ocean Segmentation
Market Hero tags and sorts your customers based on what they buy and do automatically. You can then create custom segments. For example it is easy to create a segment of customers that has bought “product a” and “product b” but still needs to buy “product c”.
See How Much Your Customers Are REALLY Worth
Market Hero automatically downloads everything your customers have ever bought past and future. It then calculates exactly how much they are spending so you can see how much they buy long term and increase return sales.
Action Based Automation Funnels and Cart Abandoment
Stop losing HOT customers to tech limits and cart abandonment. Send and start funnels to customer emails based on the pages they view, the actions they takeand make sure HOT customers are followed up with and sold too

In depth metrics

Know everything about your customers and your emails. Market Hero is the first auto responder that makes it beginner level easy to get your sales metrics and calculate exactly how much every customer on your list is worth

In Depth Metrics

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Increase your business with increased inboxing from an autoresponder that takes care of your mailing

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