Show Me What It Does

Show Me What
It Does

4x Your Email Business

4x Your Email

Increase E-Com Sales By 30%

Increase E-Com
Sales By 30%

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Advanced Sales Tracking

Market Hero is the first email solution that actively tracks every sale and conversion across your business WITHOUT you having to make any major changes

Lead ROI Calculation

See exactly how much every lead in your system is worth over time with countless filters so that you know exactly what is giving you the best ROI in your business

True Long Term Accuracy

Your leads are constantly re-cookied on a per email basis so that your tracking is never lost and remains accurate even when your customers use different machines

Copy & Paste Simple

No major changes are needed to integrate with our tracking. Simply copy and paste our conversion code on your pages and you are good to go

Advanced Easy To Use Automation

Market Hero has every type of automation that every other service online has. We even ad automations based on your requests. The difference is our automation is push button simple to use (zero confusion)

No Change Needed Sales Automation

Easily respond to your customers behavior without having to rip apart your current check out process. With a few copy and pastes your system will respond based on peoples behavior and buying behaviors

Responsive Reactive Tagging

Automatically tag, segment, and respond to customers based on their actions and the products they buy

WITHOUT Changes To Your Business

Other system require deep integration or completely changing your business. Market Hero requires a few pastes code and seamlessly merges with your business.

Auto Optimizing Emails

With a few clicks you can send out split test emails that auto optimize based on the highest open rate subjects and then optimize again on the content that gets the most clicks

Auto Optimizing Funnels

Your funnel emails can be split tested based on headline and CTR. After a set amount of users go through the funnel it will automatically pick the best content and best headlines

Optimized Based On ROI

Market Hero funnels give you the exact numbers and long term value of customers so you can improve your business based on your ROI and stop playing guess work

Simple To Use Interface

Other auto responders are complicated and require a PHD to even set up. Within minutes of logging in to Market Hero you will be able to use our system without a $1000 coaching sessions

Beautiful Embeddable Opt Ins

Easily be able to create opt in buttons and opt in boxes for your pages that are on fire. No longer do you have to use other software to connect opt ins to your funnels

Pure Fire Emails

Our email builder will let your build emails exactly as you wish. If you want simple emails we can do that in a flash. If you want professional graphic emails that actually land in your inbox we have that too

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See How Easy It Can Be To Get The Numbers Behind Your Emails

Dead Simple Funnel Design

Design your automation dream in just a few clicks with our stream builder

Know Your Email Numbers

In depth easy to understand email interaction and sales metrics

Know Your Customer Value

Calculate exactly how much your customers spend with you on average

Simple DEEP Segmentation

Create macro and micro segments of your list and reach the right customers every time

Connect with all your favorite software platforms

Integrations include, but not limited to

Click Funnels
Warrior Plus
Jv Zoo

Top Of The Industry Delivery

Increase your business with increased inboxing from an autoresponder that takes care of your mailing

Top of Delivery

In depth metrics

Know everything about your customers and your emails. Market Hero is the first auto responder that makes it beginner level easy to get your sales metrics and calculate exactly how much every customer on your list is worth

In Depth Metrics

Hero-Level Support

Quick, Almost-To-Friendly World Wide Support

Chat With Us

Need a quick answer? We have chat support members standing by around the clock waiting to help you

Monthly Webinar and Training

Sit in with real world marketing experts each month to get training on how to use our platform to drastically grow your business and email marketing

Real People Whereever You Are

Our support is trained to talk to you wherever you need it. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or any form of social media our support will find you and help you with your issues

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