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A very comprehensive list of what you get

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A very comprehensive list of what you get


Take advantage of the fastest growing sector in online marketing to land your first high paying email consulting clients in less than 30

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Week 1: Email marketing crash course

Week 2: Getting clients results

Week 3: Building our client trap

Week 4: Closing/Getting clients

Week 5: Advanced client acquisition

Week 6: Paid traffic client getting

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Bonus #1

BONUS #1 :


Absolutley no tools are required to use this training because you will be given 3 months at our industry disrupting auto responder Market Hero... You will be able to follow a long over the shoulder and create the same sales funnels, emails, and tracking that you see in the training

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Bonus #2

BONUS #2 :


Countless funnels, pre written emails, opt in pages and sales scripts will be pre loaded into your account so that you have all the working systems and know what to write on day one

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Bonus #3

BONUS #3 :

1 Year Of Mentoring

Get access to bi monthly Q/A webinars and Facebook mastermind access for an entire year. Get the long term guidance you need to grow this business to the moon

Bonus #4

I’m Ready To Place A Small Refundable Bet and Gain Access To A Straight Forward Path To Grow/Start My Business

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